About us

About us

Hybrid Instruments Limited was formed in 2003 as a Lancaster University spin out.     Research and technical development form the core of Hybrid’s business activity. We routinely collaborate with universities, institutions and agencies to provide  radiometric  instrumentation for novel and innovative systems.

Systems are based around our  design and development of fast digitisers for real-time digital acquisition and analysis of signals arising from radiation detectors. More specifically our technology can perform real-time pulse shape discrimination (PSD) of signals arising from scintillation detectors exposed to mixed neutron/gamma radiation fields.      Real-time discrimination of mixed radiation fields has application in:

Safeguards, Nuclear power plant, Decommissioning, Defence, Security, Scientific R&D and Medicine.

We have designed, manufactured and supplied instrument systems to both public and private sector organisations across the world. Our techniques and products have been validated by leading authorities in the field, including: the NPL (UK), IAEA (UN-Vienna), and EU-JRC (Europe).

These laboratories have called our technology “the enabling technology in the field” and “a significant advance in safeguards technology”. They have also described it as “fundamental to many industrial applications” and “enhancing the capabilities to measure plutonium”.

Our instruments have been used in international nuclear centres of excellence, including:

Sellafield (UK)

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) laboratories (Austria)

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany)

Los Alamos National Labs (US)

Marcoule (France)

The Rokkasho reprocessing site (Japan)