Measurement of tritium

Measurement of tritium

In collaboration with Lancaster University, Hybrid has produced a prototype device for the real-time measurement of waterborne tritium. Laboratory measurements of groundwater samples confirm detection of concentrations as low as 10kBq/l (10Bq/g) and that measurements are immune to other possible contaminants. 

In November 2020 the company received an award from the Sellafield Gamechangers Programme for Proof of Concept for the Rapid, interference free measurement of waterborne tritium. This project is developing the instrument further with an anticipated detection level of 100Bq/l.

With the support of LabLogic Systems Limited in automating the fluid handling, the aim is on-site deployment in June 2021.


  • Results in hours rather than days or weeks
  • Offers the chance of meeting important statutory requirements more efficiently
  • All manual interventions involve some radiation risk,  increased automation of monitoring reduces these risks.
  • Proprietary technology renders the detector immune to other radioactive contaminants so eliminating costly and time consuming purification processes.
  • Sending samples off-site is costly and involves some radiation risk.
  • Siting at the borehole will employ existing pumping infrastructure.