500 MSa/s sampling rate

12-bit resolution

3 Mpps PSD throughput

Time correlated TTL outputs

Built-in HV

Fully user configurable

Firmware upgradeable

Windows (R) -based interface

Low-contamination option

EJ301, EJ309, EJ299 and CLYC compatibility tested

Single Channel Mixed Field Analyser, Model: MFAX1.3
Quad Channel Mixed Field Analyser, Model: MFAX4.3

The Mixed Field Analyser Suite

We offer a choice of single- or quad-channel digitiser that provide a high throughput, real-time Pulse Shape Discrimination (PSD) solution for scintillation detectors. Multiple devices can be operated simultaneously by connecting their Ethernet ports through a fast Ethernet switcher. Our  software package will support any combination of product, from one single-channel device, up to four quad-channel devices (16-channels). The software embedded Multi-Channel Analyser (MCA) enables  Pulse Height Spectra (PHS) analysis and auto-calibration capabilities allow for  multiple detectors to be response matched quickly.

These analysers have applications in coincident and multiplicity counting, security and safeguards, mixed-field assay and imaging.

Quad Channel Mixed Field Analyser Cluster, Model: MFAX4.3c