16 Channel Mixed-Field Analyser Cluster

Model: MFAx4.3c

This extremely versatile digital analyser offers a complete real-time Pulse Shape Discrimination (PSD) solution for scintillation detectors with Multi-Channel Analyser (MCA) Pulse Height Spectra (PHS) analysis. The analyser has applications in coincident and multiplicity counting, security and safeguards, mixed-field assay and imaging.

The system can function with or without a host PC via an Ethernet connection. The PC connection affords the use of the PC-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) where system configuration, auto-calibration and the ability to analyse PSD and PHS data can be performed. When functioning independently (i.e. without a host PC) separate digital TTL outputs are available for analysis using secondary diagnostic instrumentation such as a coincident counter. The neutron and gamma TTL outputs toggle according to the event type, have a high real-time throughput, and are time correlated with the incident event.

An auto-calibration feature provides a convenient means for response matching detectors by automatically fine tuning the dedicated HV supplies to align the PHS spectra obtained using a calibration source (typically Cs-137).

The MFAx4.3 cluster is housed in a convenient carry case  (PeliTM Storm iM2750 Case) with built-in 28 V AC-DC power supply module (400 W).


500 MSa/s sampling rate

12-bit resolution

3 Mpps PSD throughput

Time correlated TTL outputs

Built-in HV

Fully user configurable

Firmware upgradeable

PC-based GUI

Compatible with fast Ethernet switcher



High voltage

Input voltage

28 V to 40 V DC, 4 x 65 W




63 cm x 50 cm x 37 cm

High voltage max.

-2000 V DC


32 kg

Output voltage control

PC based graphical user interface

Temperature range

Operating: 00C to 500C


0.001% for 0% to 100% load change


50 ppm/Hr, 200 ppm/8Hr


Temperature coef.

50 ppm/0C



Current limit

120% of max. output current, 2 mA

Full scale range

20 mVpp to 600 mVpp,


Short circuit and arc protected

user configurable VGA


50 Ohm

Digital TTL output


12-bit bipolar


50 Ohm

Sampling rate

500 MSa/s

Current limit

20 mA

Acquisition window

148 ns

Switching time

<1 ns

ADC clock

Onboard PLL using internal oscillator

Idle state

3.8 V, high

Communication interface

Ethernet (<5 kpps), TTL (<3.3 Mpps),

Active state

0 V, low

serial (used for debugging)

Pulse width

50 ns

Onboard memory

4 x 32 Mbit EEPROM

Max. PSD throughput

<3.3 Mpps/channel

Input protection

Over limit diode protected

Input-to-output jitter

<6 ns